Try our services

Have you ever heard about propose in Prague? You say no? We would like to present you our services that can help you in case that you would like to do a new step in your life. If you would like to ask her hand and you don´t have good idea how to do that, you definitely should contact us. Our system is very simply. You will make an appointment with us, where you will tell us your ideas or wishes – which place will be the best, if you would like to be in restaurant or in nature or in luxury hotel and we will ask you to favourite decoration or flowers and then we can create special day for you.

You will have the most beautiful day

If you don´t have any ideas, you definitely can look at our packages that are pre-arrange. There is for example dinner in gardens under the Prague Castle, where you will have whole place only for you. We will take care about your satisfaction, so whole place will be decorated in your favourite colors and you will taste the best dishes. Or you can choose night in five-starts-chic eco chateau, where will be prepared presidential apartment.